Publishing Poetry: Cover Design

03 Jan

(By Christina Anne Taylor of Middle Island Press)

When publishing poetry, the most certain way to draw readers’ attention is with a catchy title, but it is the cover design that can make or break the intrigue. Some poets and publishers prefer to keep it simple: text in boxes with borders has rightly established its place and can be a wise choice when there is variety in theme within a singular volume. When there is a common thread that weaves pieces together, however, then a meaningful photo, an evocative symbol, or an enchanting work of art will speak volumes to readers with visual inclinations.

Publishing poetry is a meticulous and thereby time-consuming process. Publishers do not have time to feel around blindly in search of what cover images might appeal to poets with an ambiguous vision that insists on manifesting. Publishers also do not know exactly why poets choose to publish what they do or what message they wish to communicate to readers. It is important, then, that poets take the time necessary to seek out the right image to satisfy personal wishes if they care to contribute to the cover design that represents their words.

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