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MIP Release: Field Guide Aesthetics by Dan Hedges

Field Guide Aesthetics (ISBN 978-1-4675-3919-7) contains 104 insightful thoughts, opinions, conclusions on subjects that need to be studied in 2012 and beyond. Hedges introduces his poetry as follows:

“I want to describe my writing as intense, philosophical, abstract, and hopeful. For me, poetry is a created texture, best experienced in the agrammatical mind. In my view, the crux of poetry has a lot to do with archetypes, and allowing mind-scapes to form beautifully, by force of words. Native American tradition and world-view has certainly affected my life and writing in a huge way, which often alludes to animal spirits colliding with ‘humanimal’ realities. I am intrigued by an aesthetic paradigm that I call ‘field guide aesthetics’ which attempts to reconcile new world nomenclature, with complex spirit worlds that span greater epochs.”

Field Guide Aesthetics is now available for purchase through Middle Island Press and

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Verses of Mother Ocean

Oceanic immensity in a neat little package: I am humbled by such a talented list of contributors in the forthcoming international thematic poetry chapbook, Verses of Mother Ocean (compiled by Raymond Neely who is plunging head first into the intensive realm of anthologies – gotta love ‘im). Contributors are as follows:

Salvatore Buttaci
Cynthia Cox
Bathsheba Daily
Sam Edwards
Denise Marie Fisher
Lydia Joy Freeman
Charles Giardino
Stephen Godfrey
Alma Delacruz Gossman
Ian Hall
Garlan Jenkins
Vensan Kamberk
Pd LieTz
Jennifer Long
Raymond Neely
Maria Pomsarahova
Debra Roberts
George Robertson
Paul Sands
Bill Shultz
Dreama Spangler
Elaine Sterling
Patricia Turner
Karen Elizabeth Waters
Kenneth Weene
Christy White
Freya Williams

This project is still in need of funding. We implore literary patrons to contribute what they can in exchange for a copy of Verses of Mother Ocean, a treasure trove of poetic pearls. Please visit the Middle Island Press home page where there is a donation button mid-way down the page. We thank you for your much needed support.

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