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MIP Release: Serious Stuff by Stephen Godfrey

Most suitably titled, Stephen Godfrey’s fourth Middle Island Press chapbook addresses in his straightforward style subjects such as social, environmental and spiritual decay while honoring memories and upholding significant people and events in history–”serious stuff” for serious readers and supporters of Appalachian poets. This 43-page collection reflects Godfrey’s signature casual and very readable delivery.

From Page 31: “The Butts”

Dotting the landscape across our land,
On a highway, specks of orange
Fly out of car windows, hitting
The pavement and bursting into cinders.
Non-biodegradable filters make
Their homes in crack and crevice.
It’s against the law to litter,
But tossing cigarettes is a cultural norm.
America, America, where have your
Butts gone?

Pick up a copy of Serious Stuff (make that one of each of his four poetry chapbooks) at the Middle Island Press website. It will also be available through in September.

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MIP Release: Nova Scotia Road by Robert Champ

Nova Scotia Road (ISBN 978-1-4675-4104-6) is a captivating narrative sequence by Maryland poet Robert Champ. From the Middle Island Press website: “Over the course of 24 poems, Nova Scotia Road tells the story of the murder of a young woman and how the tragedy affects her friends, neighbors and, eventually, people far removed from her. Each poem is told in the voice of a different person, who reflects on his or her own feelings about the event and wonders what–and who–lay behind the savage slaying.” This 49-page chapbook is available for purchase and will soon be available through We encourage readers to post reviews online or send them to us via email so we may post them.

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