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Book Signing: Poet Stephen Godfrey

Friend and fellow West Virginia poet Stephen Godfrey just announced to me his forthcoming book-signing, and of course I told him that I would be happy to spread the word:

March 7th
7:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
Sister’s Coffee House
Main Street, Princeton, WV

Godfrey-Love-Casts-a-Long-Shadow-CoverGodfrey will be featuring copies of his newest release through Middle Island Press, Love Casts a Long Shadow, and I am assuming that he will have his other titles available as well. Stop in and say hello, take a photo, pick up a copy or two and enjoy a charming bit of West Virginia’s literary history.

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How Does Christina Take Her Coffee?

My Robert said that he would like to do a Coffee with the Poets interview of ME for my own website. I told him that would be terribly tacky, but it got us joking and back-and-forthing some pretty crazy pretend questions – the type that we wouldn’t really ask. There was one, however, that I ask with each interview but have never answered of myself.

How does Christina take her coffee?

Long story short:

It depends on how I FEEL on a given day or evening.

Short story long:

If I have a busy day ahead of me, I take it black with organic coconut oil because it gives me a sense of power and wellness.

If I had a bad dream and need to comfort myself, I take it like a dessert coffee with sugar or honey, cinnamon, half and half, and whipped cream.

If I’m feeling romantic, I replace the half and half with homemade Irish Cream.

If I’m feeling pessimistic about life, I force myself to celebrate it (see dessert coffee above).

If I’m feeling decadent, I add dark cocoa to my dessert coffee.

If I’m feeling guilty for having had too much sugar, I take it black with a touch of half and half.

If I’m feeling intellectual, I take it black with coconut oil.

If we’re having friends for coffee, I take it black unless I am in an effervescent mood – in which case I might go the Irish Cream route.

When conducting Coffee with the Poets interviews, I take my coffee however the poet-guest takes it because I like to connect with interesting people; I like to share their experience.

It all depends on how I feel,
and feelings are as fluid as…

Women have a way of complicating things without even trying.

Next up on the interview schedule:

Mohineet Kaur Boparai.

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MIP Release: Love Casts a Long Shadow by Stephen Godfrey

Love Casts a Long Shadow was the first Middle Island Press chapbook release of 2013, and furthermore, it is Stephen Godfrey’s fifth title that has been published through us! This is the type of rapport that are proud to develop with our clients, some of the finest poets in America and beyond.

Poetry chapbook by Stephen Godfrey

Here is a snapshot of Godfrey’s first run just after trimming, pending wrapping and shipping. This title is available through Middle Island Press alongside his other titles – this one being spiritual in nature – read a sample at the MIP website and pick up a copy for yourself and a friend.

(Thanks, Steve, for your endearing level of patience!)

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Middle Island Press Progress Note

Hello, Poets;

I have been juggling a few projects between Middle Island Press and editing for My Sweet Robert and musing on The Red Salon. At this moment, I find myself literally “between printers” but we expect to be back in business and fully functional soon.

My thanks to those of you (you know who you are!) who have been most patient and understanding as I manage multiple tasks and work my way around minor bumps and roadblocks.

All is well.


Publisher at Middle Island Press

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