How Does Christina Take Her Coffee?

26 Feb

My Robert said that he would like to do a Coffee with the Poets interview of ME for my own website. I told him that would be terribly tacky, but it got us joking and back-and-forthing some pretty crazy pretend questions – the type that we wouldn’t really ask. There was one, however, that I ask with each interview but have never answered of myself.

How does Christina take her coffee?

Long story short:

It depends on how I FEEL on a given day or evening.

Short story long:

If I have a busy day ahead of me, I take it black with organic coconut oil because it gives me a sense of power and wellness.

If I had a bad dream and need to comfort myself, I take it like a dessert coffee with sugar or honey, cinnamon, half and half, and whipped cream.

If I’m feeling romantic, I replace the half and half with homemade Irish Cream.

If I’m feeling pessimistic about life, I force myself to celebrate it (see dessert coffee above).

If I’m feeling decadent, I add dark cocoa to my dessert coffee.

If I’m feeling guilty for having had too much sugar, I take it black with a touch of half and half.

If I’m feeling intellectual, I take it black with coconut oil.

If we’re having friends for coffee, I take it black unless I am in an effervescent mood – in which case I might go the Irish Cream route.

When conducting Coffee with the Poets interviews, I take my coffee however the poet-guest takes it because I like to connect with interesting people; I like to share their experience.

It all depends on how I feel,
and feelings are as fluid as…

Women have a way of complicating things without even trying.

Next up on the interview schedule:

Mohineet Kaur Boparai.

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