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Self-Publishing Is On the Rise

According to statistics at, self-publishing (as tracked by the Internet) has a year to year twelve percent increase (contrary to many endeavors that are lucky if they hang in at zero).

What does this twelve percent increase say?

To me specifically, it tells me that I can count my blessings for having established Middle Island Press when I did, and for having established a more convincing type of “testimonial” known as repeat clients.

To poets, it says that we are not alone in our writing, in our desire to be published, and in our consideration of publishing service resources. Go for it!

I believe in seizing the moment, and I want to say that between two micro-presses, I, personally, have published over fifty chapbooks in the past few years. I am very confident in my skills and talents this point, and I extend them to poets.

Check out the “Get Published” page of Middle Island Press and you will understand why we, together, continue to grow.

(Middle Island Press is proud to be one of the best chapbook publishers west of the Atlantic.)

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