MIP Release: The Soundness of Broken Pieces by Lucie M. Winborne

29 Mar

Winborne - The Soundness Cover 5The Soundness of Broken Pieces is a subjectively feminine collection of free verse from the heart and mind of Florida poet Lucie M. Winborne. Newly released through Middle Island Press, it is 57 pages of life observations and experiences, lucid, fluid, thoughtful, deeply resonant…

“It’s Not Really About the Tea”

This is how I’ll think of you, and when:
in the kitchen with an unchipped cup of green or red
or blue, depending on my mood. With a fragrant
brown river emptied from a spout, hot, though I don’t
see the steam. With a purring Siamese that nudges my pen and smudges
my page. But first there will be tea, too cool to steam
and too warm to drink, so I’ll study its pinhead bubbles instead,
like a crowd of tiny faces. I’ll think then of the first man
with that first cup of tea, the emperor in China who sat beneath
a tree while the winds of Heaven blew leaves into his cup.
Then I’ll taste, and close my eyes, and think,
This was worth a revolution.

It is only when the cup is empty, free,
and I stroke its naked symmetry,
recall the color of the brew was the earth-hue of your eyes,

only then that I will think of you, only then
that I will write.

Copies of The Soundness of Broken Pieces may be purchased through the Middle Island Press website.

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