Middle Island Press Release: A Time for Change by Casey Brown

19 May

Casey Cover JPEG 1Utah poet Casey Brown (formerly Casey Stockard) presents her third compilation of poetry published through Middle Island Press. A Time for Change “…delves heart-first into the trials of relationships, the pangs of maternity and illness, and the joy of new love. This country verse is underlined with lessons learned and experience to pad a gentle soul’s imminent footpaths along the bumpy roads of the rural desert West.”

Casey introduces herself in her book book as follows:

    “In my life I have been married and divorced and re-married again, become a mother of three and a mother to many more. I have been on movie sets and had modeling jobs, ridden my Harley 120 mph on the freeway, and gone skydiving. I have discovered the true meaning of family and felt its rooted connection in another country. I have fought and live with a medical condition, have had a lot of great times and made some big mistakes. I am the girl who takes your photographs, paints you a picture, or styles your hair. I believe above all else that, quite simply, you get what you give in this life. Everything turns full-circle. When you think you are alone, you are not. When you think it can’t get worse, it can. When you think the rain will never stop, it does, and when life just can’t get any better than this, it does. This book of poetry is a small glimpse into moments of my journey when I felt the need to express my emotions onto paper.”

A Time for Change is available through and the Middle Island Press website.

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