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Praise the Dawn by R. N. Taylor (a Red Salon chapbook)

I spent the pre-Valentine’s Day evening compiling twenty-one poems from my Robert to me, setting them into a chapbook under The Red Salon and printing the first copy. It was our gift to each other, that which we cherish most of literary print: the chapbook.

Taylor - Praise the Dawn Cover JPEGI cannot say enough that a chapbook is, in sentiment, much like a hand-written wax-sealed letter. It can be very personal just as the poems within Praise the Dawn, the sixth and final chapbook within Robert’s Millennium Series; a poetic account of his twenty-one unnamed loves since the dawn of the millennium.

Here I would like to share one of his more recent poems/songs which appears in this collection:


In the temple of your love,
Let me worship there forever
Though the days so quickly fade
In this life we live together.

Far beyond the maddening crowd,
In a realm of light and laughter,
Let us languish in the now,
In this moment’s passing pleasure.

For these be the days of our lives, My Love;
Yes, these be the days of our lives.
Never this moment will come but again,
For these be the days of our lives, My Love;
These be the days of our lives.

Beautiful. Happy Valentine’s Day, Sweetie. We will toast again tonight with a bottle of Sweet Red to many more years together.

[The Red Salon is the private publishing imprint of Robert & Christina Taylor (website currently down). Here we publish our own work as well as that of very close friends within our literary and musical “scene.” We extend our publishing talents to the public via Middle Island Press.]

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Mollogon Picnic by Rodney Nelson

North Dakota poet Rodney Nelson has been actively compiling and publishing his poems for as long as I’ve known him. Aside from his two poetry collections published through Middle Island Press, he has several other titles available (to include his late 2013 release of Mollogon Picnic, a Red Dashboard publication).

Congrats on your fine work and determination to get your words in the hands of readers, Rodney! May they always be received with enjoyment…

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Gloria J. Wimberley: Prose Editing at Middle Island Press

As a chapbook publisher who maintains the highest standards for Middle Island Press, I am always asking myself how I can improve my business.

One recent improvement that I am proud of is in hiring a highly talented and competent editor, Gloria J. Wimberley, to handle our prose projects. Furthermore, though, is the fact that the editing process includes four steps or “phases.” Of these, Gloria handles the first three which involve different approaches to editing from her academic perspective, and then I give a final proofread before commencing layout.

I was recently told by a widely published client that Middle Island Press did the best editing job that he has encountered to date. These are the sorts of improvements that keep Middle Island Press at the top of the chapbook publishing niche.


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Jack Phillips Lowe: “A Poet With His Boots On”

I recently received a wonderful letter with an attached review of Cold Case Cowboys by Jack Phillips Lowe. He had sold a copy of his Middle Island Press chapbook to Teresinka Pereira, president of International Writers & Artists, an organization dedicated to freedom of speech and diversity.

Among many fine points in her two-page review, Pereira says:

“What the cowboy boots [have] to do with Jack Phillips Lowe’s poetry, besides John Wayne as a character in one of his poems, is the language perhaps…or the history telling in verses. It is a real, clear, simple, everyday talk of most of the American men of the same social class. He satirizes the society and comes out clean. Readers always agree with him. I do. I could have written a poem like “A Damn Thing At All” about the use of Twitter, YouTube, etc… …His poems express my thoughts in ways I could not explain…”

Yes, Ms. Pereira; readers agree with him, laugh with him, and enjoy his Cold Case Cowboys over and over again. I know I do, too. Thank You for the fine review of yet another poetry chapbook that we are proud of!

(Middle Island Press is one of the best chapbook publishers east of the Mississippi.)

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Life Within Our Jenny by Jack Sorenson

Life Within Our Jenny by Jack SorensonLife Within Our Jenny is author Jack Sorenson’s first of three titles within his Jenny series (published by Middle Island Press).

The book summary from the MIP website reads as follows:

“When Jenny, a sixteen-year-old witch, finds herself just beyond a door created by her caregiver, Master Santos the Great Wizard, she discovers a strange new world: Planet Earth. Alone with her magic Eyeball Ring as a guide, she is questioned by the police; she navigates her way around a high school where the others think she’s just a homeless girl; and eventually she befriends a baby raven who keeps her company as she searches for a way back into her familiar realm. Little does she know that her greatest enemy along the way, the evil wizard Cafzf, would reveal some disturbing secrets about Jenny’s mysterious past…

This novelette unfolds like a night garden: Around each curve and corner, there is another unveiling of intrigue alongside playful and quirky dialogue between Jenny and her magic ring. A must-read for teen girls who connect to the world from the social fringes, or who love a good witchy story with a happy ending.”

This title is available at the Middle Island Press website as well as We are currently working on Sorenson’s second title: To Waters Creek Cemetery: Jenny’s Nightmare.

He donates the royalties from his Middle Island Press chapbooks to autism.

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