Haiku Forest Afterlife by Robert Epstein

11 Sep

Epstein - Haiku Cover Image - FinalHaiku Forest Afterlife is a very special title to Middle Island Press. It is our first full-length perfect-bound book of poetry, and it was Robert Epstein, full of patience and encouragement, who essentially led us to a greater course which is keeping us busier than ever.

From the back cover:

Most religious traditions have some fundamental belief about what happens to us after we die. Heaven and reincarnation are just two such notions with regards to the soul that offer comfort to those who fear death or have lost a loved one. In truth, we, the living, cannot say what happens to us after we die because, by definition, we are not dead yet; what happens after death remains the great mystery. At the same time, the human imagination is capable of venturing out into uncharted territory–the landscape of posthumous consciousness. In this book, Robert Epstein explores this landscape through the poetic lens of haiku. Suspend your rational, scientific mind and join him in contemplating the afterlife where the invisible and unknowable take poetic form. If time stops, what then?


Copies are available at various online locations. We encourage lovers of haiku and philosophy of life and death to purchase a copy of Haiku Forest Afterlife and leave a kind book review at Poets and publishers alike appreciate the support of readers!

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