The Sweet Surrender of Love and Nature by Mwati Mwila

02 Jun

(A Middle Island Press book release)

Mwati Mwila - The Sweet Surrender Cover 2 JPEGThe Sweet Surrender of Love and Nature (ISBN 978-0-6923-4953-3) was completed in 2014 and recently copyright-registered and made available for purchase.

It’s a 103-page book of poetry in which “…poet Mwati Mwila muses on love and society, expressing the longings of her soul for a world of balance and a life complete with love and peace. She finds respite in the quiet corners of the world as an objective observer, a subjective feeler, and an aspirer toward spiritual heights and the comfort therein. Her thoughts and emotions flow like rivers, at times serene, and at times breaking passionately around the cruel stones of life, yet always true to the inmost core of her wisdom through experience that has made her both delicate and strong.”

Middle Island Press works to support living poets in sharing their words and inspiring others. Pick up a copy of Mwati’s first full-length poetry book for yourself and a friend through the Middle Island Press website, (browse the book here), or the CreateSpace eStore.

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