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Plato Poetica by Daniel Klawitter

(A Poetica Place book review by Christina Anne Taylor)

I can see Plato himself raising his cloud white eyebrows over my latest acquisition for our Red Salon: Plato Poetica by Daniel Klawitter. Within the elegant cover are four parts consisting of thirty poems (one in four parts) and a prose piece, and though the book developed from a concise concept, the themes of the poems vary considerably with the binding substance being epigraphs from Plato. The reader must begin with the preface to put everything into context; the reader must understand that the poet knows full well what he’s doing as he juxtaposes his modern-day voice against the timeless philosopher. That in itself is amusing.

The poems themselves vary in style but maintain a consistent signature that rings true to the poet. My personal favorite might actually be the perceptive prose piece titled “Esmeralda and the Hellhounds of Anubis.” As a woman, I relate to the theme of cats and enjoy such thoughts as “…cats have one paw in this world and the other three paws in the realm of spirits.” Esmeralda raises a paw and breaks the prose with an incantation:

Dogs are prose and prone to please.
Mice are good for eating.
When moonlight splinters through the trees
We watch humans while they’re sleeping.

Disobedience is heroic.
It’s wrong to persecute witches.
Hell is a world with no poets
And Heaven a charm of finches.

“Barnyard of the Gods” was enjoyable with lines such as:

…Hades is in the cellar
canning the souls of the dead….

Clever wit is a perennial recurrence throughout Plato Poetica, but Klawitter does have a serious side, and when he’s in serious mode he waxes most poetic, as in “The Most Shameful Thing”:

My sackcloth soul
is a waste of windswept ashes—
a hermitage of pollution.

So the poet admits openly in his preface that these seventy-four pages are an experiment of a sort with each poem being inspired by an epigraph, and I think it was worthwhile–worth his time and worth readers’ time. Copies are available at Amazon.

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The Road We’ve Traveled by Seth Nation

I found out that one of my clients, Seth Nation, author of The Road We’ve Traveled: Poems of Love and Remembrance, passed away recently. I published his saddle-stitched chapbook five years ago and we just converted it to paperback.

If any patrons of poetry enjoy performing random acts of kindness, I recommend that you consider helping to support the family of this good-hearted young man.

It was ironic to read The Road We’ve Traveled again and to see that he had time to prepare himself and his family, and it was heartening to know that he triumphed in his own way by pressing his love onto the pages of this priceless keepsake.

“The Song of My Spirit”

The song of my spirit
Charges on, despite death
Whispered upon your breath.
Listen softly, I beg, can you hear it?
Please, my dear love, please, by no means should you fear it.
It plays deep in your mind.
I’m eternally at your side,
Strong as the tide,
Hoping you to find.
Always to be,
Even though I have died
Playing my song, timeless, for you and me.

When all alone, in need,
Never forget I’m here,
Holding you oh so dear.
Praying that your heart be forever freed
From the endless pain and anguish I see you bleed.
I endure the cries, screams
That dutifully you can hide,
Buried inside.
We visit in dreams,
Always to be,
Even though I have died
Playing my song, timeless, for you and me.

Browse the interior at Amazon and consider picking up a copy or two of this heart-rending record of a young couple’s love for each other.

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