Quiet Insurrections by Daniel Klawitter

08 Sep

(A Poetica~Place book review by Christina)

It was a quiet, overcast afternoon when I was pleasantly surprised with a copy of Quiet Insurrections by one of Colorado’s more talented poets: Daniel Klawitter.

I am familiar with some of his earlier work (namely, Plato Poetica) and find Quiet Insurrections to be highly engaging, which every introspective poet loves! I hear myself in many of his thoughts; I can relate.

Klawitter begins with “The Poem Behind the Poem,” in part:

Everything you feel I feel.
In the absence and lack I lurk–
the poem behind the poem.
And I am willing to work
on our relationship. I am a mind
waiting to meet you. I am nothing
without your graze…”

The book doesn’t lose steam as it progresses. I read it in one joyous sitting rather than the common two or three.

It’s possible, though I’m not certain, that my favorite poem might be “A Flock Made Flesh” for both its sensuous meaning and sound:

The sudden birds erupt upwards
In a shower of speckled confetti–
Startled starlings taking wing.

Like my love in feathers
For you my dear darling–
When you turn and preen
So spectacularly.

Another possible favorite is “An Invitation.” Here, the first ten lines:

Come, you soft-shelled poets filled with sea-water.
Come and leak your speech on thirsty beaches!
Come and sing the ocean’s primal power.
Come and christen the living dictionary.
Come and listen to the seas, the rivers, the lakes.
Come and offer tribute to the tributary.
Come and accompany the lute and the lyre.
Come with your mask of shifting personas.
Come with your kindling for the original fire.
Come add your scent to the cauldron’s aroma.

“Trying Not to Rhyme”…oh yes! I can relate.

“Smartphone Revelations” is brilliant.

“Heavy Elements” is another one that I will treasure:

And the stars are
The trillion eyes
Of an unseen god–
Each eye lit
Like a candle wick
To illuminate or ignite

The parchment
Of our hearts:
Our weeping wax–
And sticky pitch–
All our combustible
Bits and parts

That come from
The same stuff as stars–
(Or so I’ve been told).
Formed in the furnace
Of a cosmic bonfire:
billion years old.

I’ll place this book beside Plato Poetica to further enrich our Red Salon with the best of living poets. Much enjoyed; thank you!

(Quiet Insurrections is available at Amazon.)

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