About Christina

Robert Nicholas Taylor & Christina Anne Taylor

As a POETESS & literata, I pen primarily under the ancestral name Christina Finlayson Taylor. Poetica~Place is my literary blog space that encompasses two micro-presses as well as reviews, interviews, opinions, et cetera.

As a MICRO-PUBLISHER, I have self-published through my husband’s and my private micro-press (The Red Salon), and I also publish others’ poetry through Middle Island Press, Appalachia’s finest and most aspiring publishing company, proudly international with its roots in chapbooks and its reaches ever expanding.

As a WIFE, MOTHER & HOMEMAKER, I am privileged to have been with my alpha wolf for eleven years. I am a proud mother of three amazing children: Light, Love, and Strength. Gardening, Western philosophy and spirituality are a few of my passions alongside the scents of sandalwood, lavender and vanilla; the sounds of Baroque and neofolk music; and all things that make living in the present moment a joyous occasion.


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