Design & Publishing Services

This is my talent that buys the coffee, and I’m proud to have designed over a hundred books – both poetry and prose.


Essentially, I do full design – up to the first sixty pages – for $190. It sounds comparatively “cheap,” but I’m simply not greedy. I live simply and don’t need much (including money) and I’m grateful to be able to design books for a living. Each page beyond page sixty raises the rate by fifty cents per page, and I’m glad to insert high-resolution images without raising the cost. That’s design in a nutshell.

I also proofread poetry as I set it to the page, free of charge. For prose, however, I hire my contract prose editor on the author’s behalf: Gloria J. Wimberley holds a Master’s in English and teaches at the university level. (This raises the base rate for prose layout by an average of $75-200, depending on word-count and the level of editing required.)

Furthermore, I also offer publishing services. If clients wish to be considered for one of my publishing imprints (primarily Middle Island Press), that is an option. I list and do light promoting free of charge. The only costs to my clients are the ISBN and barcode (up to $50 total) and book copies (starting at the author rate of $2.15 per copy). For those who wish to self-publish, provide their own ISBN and maintain their own royalties, I simply provide Adobe PDFs or MS Publisher designs for the above total starting at $190.

What next?

Gather up your manuscript, a cover image, biography and all else that will be necessary, and we’ll chat about your needs and I’ll be glad to answer questions.


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