Patricia A. Turner

Patricia A. Turner is a retired legal secretary who graduated from Valley College with a certificate in Legal Studies. She is a life long resident of beautiful West Virginia and is the Author of five books. She has always enjoyed reading and turned that love into a passion to write. She enjoys traveling and spending time with her family and is a member of Grace Temple Church in Princeton, West Virginia.


So Sweet the Memories (2014)
By Patricia A. Turner
Chapbook; 62 pages. $7.
Kindle; 38 pages. $8.99.

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Introspective, retrospective, and effectively tugging at the heart-strings, this narrative short-story collection is a rare view into some fond country memories of West Virginia-native author Patricia A. Turner. Themes consist of lifelong love; the power of God to sweep away gender-prejudice against a new pastor in a tiny coal camp community; a magical bond between a little girl and a lonely wolf; and the significance of wisely-placed gratitude and a sense of humor.

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