Robert B. Connor

Robert B. Connor lives in Winooski, just outside of Burlington, Vermont. Here he loves to run five to fifteen miles near the lake or in the woods.

Rob has been writing poetry since childhood. His poems often are in response to feelings–sometimes out of hurt or distress and sometimes out of joy, excitement, love and grace. At other times they occur like endless visions, thoughts and phrases. He enjoys sharing his poems with friends and writing poems in response to friends’ requests.


A Million Shades of Blue (2012)
ISBN 978-1-4675-5709-2
by Robert B. Connor

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Sagaciously serene, accepting yet hopeful, warm yet calm… The stillness behind the breeze is the place from which the poems of Robert Connor speak softly in sensations of the sublime made tangible, in a swirling dance of what his mind thinks, what his heart feels, and what his eyes observe to color his “between worlds” reality – blue.

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“A Million Shades of Blue”

From the oceans to the skies
Midnight blue of the dark starless night
To blue azure of a tropical day

So is my heart
A place of a million shades
As with the earth
The blues are neither good nor bad
They are just blues

They seem to come and go
As with grayer skies and sunnier days
Every moment in between is absolute perfection

Sometimes I forget
The necessity of each shade
No dark without the light
No light without the dark

At the precise place
Between night and day
Is the glorious moment we call dawn

Standing on the edge of the seas
The light ripples across the waves
Beckoning me into the next …

No matter what it is
The next always arrives
But unlike the dawn
The moments between the moments
The dawns of my life

Glorious each and every time
Are not but once a day
Occurring in rapid succession
Only seen in the balance

The blues of my life

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