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Villanelles & Varia by Christina Finlayson Taylor

Christina - Villanelles & Varia PB CoverVillanelles & Varia is special to me as it’s my first perfect-bound collection of my own poetry. These poems were written during a precious chapter in my life, a time when (as I told some friends recently) I had “too much playtime and a lot of growing up yet to do”! This collection is very personal; it’s ME turned inside-out, and I can only hope that this introspective poetry will resonate some familiar chords with readers.

I’ve been blessed to have received my first review of Villanelles & Varia at by Fran Stewart, a personal friend, fellow poetess and author of a few collections through Middle Island Press and other sources. I owe a lot to this inspiring lady.

Look inside my book at

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“At Home” with Middle Island Press

Green Room window view

Green Room window view

The morning’s coffee tastes of honey & cinnamon; the window is open and the birds are singing; a gentle breeze rustles a happy houseplant, ushers the outdoors in. Newly off the printer and into the sorter goes one of my projects. Shortly I’ll take a break from the table and slide over to the computer to continue layout of yet another project. I await word from a few poets who are almost ready to leap skyward, manuscripts gathered up and held securely within my promises.

Collating Chapbooks at Middle Island Press

Collating Chapbooks at Middle Island Press

Life is good and I am so fortunate to have settled into my literary niche which keeps my mind on poetry and the power of words. It’s great to be able to work from home yet be as professional as if I were sitting in an office. This “Absinthe Room” is my office of sorts, and it is the birth place of over fifty chapbooks between two presses. They began with my husband and me, then my daughter, my sister, and an area anthology which necessitated Middle Island Press, and it just keeps growing because growth is what I see. The more flowers that bloom in my meadow, the more
beautiful it will be, and more will gather
with me for coffee and the perennial scent
of spring and summer.

Charles Baudelaire by R. N. Taylor
Charles Baudelaire watches pensively from the West wall eight feet away. On the East wall near the window, George Bernard Shaw, both painted by my husband.

Much to do today.

I must return to the table and finish collating, then on to layout of another project, then back to folding and stapling. Eventually I’ll get out and enjoy some sunshine, thin the carrot bed a bit, and come back in for trimming; packaging tomorrow. Another gratified poet. Such is life and it is good!

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Fate Favors the Bold

Those who have published through Middle Island Press know that I like to share one of my husband’s favorite expressions: “Fate favors the bold.” Furthermore, it favors any measure of doing, which is probably why “seize the day” and “seize the moment” are such long-standing expressions. “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.”

I shared a poem here at Poetica~Place recently, a quick penning from the back deck, the first one that I have shared in a long time. A friend of mine [Gloria Wimberley (working alongside R. L. Jones at Raven Publishing Co. here in West Virginia)] read it and approached me about being a contributor in their anthology, Compass Rose: A Poetic Sojourn Home, to the Horizon, and Beyond. (I’ve not seen it yet but a link and further promotion is forthcoming.) The point being, though, that there isn’t necessarily any advantage to keeping work sequestered. There is only now, so if we write something that we wish to share, then we should share it now for our own benefit and hopefully that of others.

I believe that we can measure life considerably according to who crosses our pathways, who walks alongside us and why. What a privilege it’s been to become acquainted with so many fine people in the literary realm of life!

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HEX To Feature “Lord & Lady”

Our friends Henry, Arrowyn & Markus of HEX magazine have been hard at work the past few weeks in preparation for the Spring & Summer 2012 issue of HEX. I (under the name Christina Finlayson Taylor) have within it a brief narrative essay on the subject of love within marriage. Arrowyn gets credit for titling it “Lord & Lady” for me, and how uncannily suitable it is! I am excited to be a three-time contributor for HEX (this being my first prose contribution).

Show your support for people who work from the heart to water the World Tree in celebration of “Old Ways for a New Day” by subscribing or ordering a copy.

And by the way, SPLENDID SPRING TO ALL! We in West Virginia are enjoying sunny daffodils and forsythia. It doesn’t get much more cheery than yellow amid green.

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