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Jack Phillips Lowe: “A Poet With His Boots On”

I recently received a letter from poet Jack Phillips Lowe, author of Middle Island Press titles Cold Case Cowboys and Jupiter Works on Commission, among several others by this dedicated writer. Attached to his letter was a photocopy of a few pages from Poets International, a print publication from India which published a review of Lowe’s Cold Case Cowboys written by Toledo, Ohio reviewer Teresinka Pereira. Poets are always elated when their works are reviewed; and overseas reviews, whether in print or online, are especially gratifying.

For copyright reasons I cannot scan the pages, but I’ll summarize:

Ms. Pereira seeks to review the work of American poets with truly enjoyable, non-angsty, out-of-the-ordinary subjects, so she was happy to order a copy of Cold Case Cowboys. One of her favorite poems therein is “Think Highly” from which she quoted (in prose formatting), “Prayer tower, I answered him, is a convenient term. I meant this to be a place for free-ranging introspective thought of every creed and idiom…” She also quoted from (my personal favorite) “Cured”: “After the fifth time, I quit seeing the doctor. If my issues were dull enough to lull him to sleep, I figured I must be cured.” Then she commented on another: “The poem ‘Him Alone’ is the most original reference of the 9-11-2001 terrorist attack of the Twin Towers in New York. He remembers (or read…) that ‘in 1974, a French daredevil crossed a tightrope that had been stretched between the Twin Towers,’ and wondered how the acrobat he calls ‘Bastard’ felt when the towers were destroyed… ‘He might have mourned the loss of two giants he’d come to know intimately as they performed the stunt of the century together. And perhaps he mourned the fact that no one would be able to recall their outstanding achievement without it being shrouded in gloom.'”

Pereira, as many readers, appreciates her ability to connect with Lowe’s many references to real-world characters such as J.D. Salinger, John Wayne, John Lennon and so on, which helps to paint clear mental images; as well as Lowe’s ability to make readers laugh, smirk, chuckle. She says, “He satirizes society and comes out clean. Readers always agree with him. I do. I could have written a poem like ‘A Damn Thing At All’ about the use of Twitter, YouTube, etc… His poems express my thoughts in ways I cannot explain.”

So all is well that concludes well!

Cold Case Cowboys and other titles by Jack Phillips Lowe can be purchased at Ms. Pereira can be contacted at


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Jack Phillips Lowe: “A Poet With His Boots On”

I recently received a wonderful letter with an attached review of Cold Case Cowboys by Jack Phillips Lowe. He had sold a copy of his Middle Island Press chapbook to Teresinka Pereira, president of International Writers & Artists, an organization dedicated to freedom of speech and diversity.

Among many fine points in her two-page review, Pereira says:

“What the cowboy boots [have] to do with Jack Phillips Lowe’s poetry, besides John Wayne as a character in one of his poems, is the language perhaps…or the history telling in verses. It is a real, clear, simple, everyday talk of most of the American men of the same social class. He satirizes the society and comes out clean. Readers always agree with him. I do. I could have written a poem like “A Damn Thing At All” about the use of Twitter, YouTube, etc… …His poems express my thoughts in ways I could not explain…”

Yes, Ms. Pereira; readers agree with him, laugh with him, and enjoy his Cold Case Cowboys over and over again. I know I do, too. Thank You for the fine review of yet another poetry chapbook that we are proud of!

(Middle Island Press is one of the best chapbook publishers east of the Mississippi.)

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A Rave Review of Poet Jack Phillips Lowe and Middle Island Press

I am so privileged to work with such enthusiastic and talented poets as Jack Phillips Lowe who forwarded a copy of his recent chapbook, Cold Case Cowboys, to Misfit Magazine. One of the fine editors there, Alan Catlin, took the time to comment on Jack’s poetry collection; furthermore, he began his review with compliments to the publisher: Middle Island Press.

Mid-way down the page of reviews:

Jack Phillips Lowe, Cold Case Cowboys, Middle Island Press.

One of the heartening trends of late has been receiving chapbooks that publishers have obviously taken a good deal of time, energy and, most of all, real care with their design and production. Cold Case Cowboys had fine heavyweight stock, an eye catching Remington reproduction cover and Lowe’s well laid out, easy to read poems. These are enjoyable, often outlandish and fun poems to read. If you ever wondered why no one ever finds Bigfoot’s bones, Lowe provides an answer. If you were ever a sucker for TV westerns, Lowe brings you back to the scene of those, in a not really nostalgic, but fun way in the title poem, one of my favorites in the collection. Lowe evokes the spirits of Raymond Carver, J. D. Salinger, John D. MacDonald, and Jim Morrison, but the one he appears closest to and most fond of, is the early Richard Brautigan, before he went off into the mountains and never returned.

Thank You, Alan Catlin of Misfit Magazine.
Thank You, Jack Phillips Lowe, exemplary American poet, for sharing your talents with us.

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Cold Case Cowboys, a Poetry Chapbook by Jack Phillips Lowe

Cold Case Cowboys, a Middle Island Press poetry chapbook by Jack Phillips LoweAnyone who enjoys an escape back into the Old West will surely laugh while reading Cold Case Cowboys by Jack Phillips Lowe (newly released by Middle Island Press).

Cover reviews:

“Lowe is a poet in touch with people and the realities of the human condition. His poems are a mirror of the roads and streets. . .and deliver a sharable human experience which is what a capable poet can do.” —Ray Foreman, editor, Clark Street Review

“Jack Phillips Lowe writes narrative poetry with a contemporary consciousness and soul. His introspection is rare, and to have his work in book form is to have a literary surprise package, and treat.” —Gene McCormick, author, An Ice Axe at Dusk

“Lowe displays a remarkable talent to capture a situation with a minimum of words. . .” —Maurice Williams, reviewer,

Copies of Cold Case Cowboys can be purchased through the Middle Island Press website and

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