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Turkey Heaven: Animal Rights Haiku by Robert Epstein


Animal Rights is a theme that California poet, editor and anthologist Robert Epstein takes rather seriously yet sometimes in a playful fashion. Turkey Heaven: Animal Rights Haiku (ISBN 978-1535070829), recently published through Middle Island Press, is witty and wise in its approach and persuasive “food for thought” regarding Epstein’s respect for animals and the vegetarian diet.

what about your shoes / the cheeky carnivore asks? / broccoli

Read the poet’s comments on Turkey Heaven at the Middle Island Press website.

Copies are available through and elsewhere online.

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Middle Island Press Release: Inside the Dark Room by Laken Brooks

Laken-Brooks-Cover-Image-e1444318703731Inside the Dark Room (ISBN 978-0-6925-5205-6) by Laken Brooks, a young and intelligent Appalachian poet, was recently released through Middle Island Press. It’s essentially a contemporary haiku collection on “the beautiful and destructive perceptions of women” – poignant, meticulously arranged thoughts from her own unique perspective.

From the Middle Island Press website:

Brooks’ insights as a woman permeate her writing of Inside the Dark Room, encouraging her to hold a mirror to the cultural standards of health, beauty, domesticity, and criticism of females in contemporary society.

(From page 24 of Inside the Dark Room…)

In the post is a
Refund from the matchmaker:
Enough to buy a heifer

Copies are available via Middle Island Press and We encourage supporters of Brooks’ work to pen a kind Amazon book review.

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Beyond the Grave: Contemporary Afterlife Haiku (Edited by Robert Epstein)

Epstein - Beyond the Grave Cover jpegBeyond the Grave: Contemporary Afterlife Haiku, a Middle Island Press poetry anthology edited by Robert Epstein, is a full-bodied collection with a remarkable introduction by the editor.

From the back cover:

How much thought have you given to whether there is life after death? Some religions, like Christianity and Hinduism, posit the existence of heaven and reincarnation, while others are silent on the question. Those not guided by faith are inclined to relegate this haunting mystery to the outermost margins of their lives. In these pages, contributors from around the world have trained their poetic eye on this all-important quest. Relying on the power of intuition and creative imagination, the poets in this collection give us a glimpse into the great mystery of life after death. Suspend your skeptical mind and accompany the poets here on the adventure into the afterlife; you may not only be surprised, but forever changed.

fragrant wind
my mother’s voice calls
from beyond

~ Roberta Beary

a deceased friend
taps me on the shoulder –
plum blossoms falling

~ Chen-ou Liu

In this collection, poets share brilliant and moving glimpses of immortality and continuous renewal. To read these poems, therefore, is to accept death as the watermark on every one of life’s pages. It is to feel at home in the vastness of existence.

~ Sheila Bender, Author of A New Theology: Turning to Poetry in a Time of Grief, and Founder of

Epstein’s collection is a treasure pot of tiny jewels. Because haiku conveys experiences of the ineffable, it is perhaps the best vehicle for transmitting the impact of encounters with the mysteries that lie beyond the grave.

~ Julia Assante, Author of The Last Frontier: Exploring the Afterlife and Transforming Our Fear of Death

248 pages with cover art by Ron C. Moss.

(This anthology is available via and direct through our printer. Readers should consider picking up an extra copy for gift-giving.)

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