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Sketching Hibiscus by Kallima Inachus

I’m gladdened to have recently completed Sketching Hibiscus (Middle Island Press), which is now available at Amazon. Kallima is gifted with incredible sensory perception that makes her poems sparkle with uniqueness, and her sophistication and life experience have graced her with a vast mental library of references that add color and depth to her creative imagery.

A poem called “Starfish”:

Out on the lanai we sip lotus green tea
by an overgrown
bush of jasmine pikake.

Myrtle is inside
making mushroom soup—

morel shitake chanterelle

Somewhere beneath
the jade sway
of the Pacific

are self-healing.

Blue koi
on these white-glazed bowls.

Pure aroma:
steam of faint cream and earth.

So much to marvel—
Balm of shark’s fin,
gold touch,

fine loose rhythms
of being
on the same wavelength.

(Purchase a copy of Sketching Hibiscus at Amazon.)

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