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Near-Life Experience: Poems by Christina Finlayson Taylor

I’m glad to say that the latest book release through The Red Salon is my own! For years I didn’t write, and then, suddenly, the flow returned and has been turning on and off like a faucet: a few weeks of prolific writing and a few weeks of no writing at all. I’m glad to be writing again!

Near-Life Experience developed over the recent cold months. I planned on slowly working toward a collection about triple in bulk, but as I scanned what I had written of recent, I realized that there was a certain feel, and I decided to do a “gray” collection of my life this past autumn and winter and will plan to pen a “yellow” collection as the sun warms and colors the earth and my emotions.

This collection, compared to my first one, is considerably more “mature” as I’ve been experiencing critical inner development. It also contains more abstract concepts as we turn inward in the cold months. I hope that the few who appreciate my writing will enjoy this new collection. It may not be full of color and laughter, but it’s me.

(Near-Life Experience is available at Amazon, but of course friends can contact me for a signed copy.)

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Poem: Illusion

The saddest thing: when those we care about
And wish to love and hold within our lives
Are happier without.

We look within the mirror, look for lies
That surface when the lens of mind is broken;
We look within the eyes

To contemplate the all that isn’t spoken,
And what can never fully be expressed
And seldom be awoken

Except to crush the surface into dust,
Send ego through the dread refiner’s fire
As die it simply must.

The unmoved mover never suffers ire;
The soul within maintains its non-direction,
The rod to never tire,

But pluck away the thoughts of imperfection,
Dissolve illusion, smash it with a clout,
Then find a true reflection.

–Christina Finlayson Taylor
Autumn 2017

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Poem: Soul to Hero

My book in the making, so far, is yet more introspective than Villanelles & Varia. I’m happy with the flow of poems and whisper “Thank You, my Muse” upon completion of each one. Gratitude is important. Here is one that I penned the other day for my husband:

Soul to Hero

I’ve no desire to return
When one last time I leave the flesh,
But you, with tested sword in hand,
You relish the adventure
Of all I wish to leave behind,
So ‘round you’ll go and fall again:
Another life, another skin,
In order to remember,

And once again I’ll watch and wait
And send you signs, as now and then
You’ll long for all that you’ll forget
And must recall again.
The Evening Star is ever there:
Your guiding light, her golden hair,
And memories outside of time
Will swell a song within.

You’ll linger long in twilight eyes
And feel a long forgotten dream,
And when you see her gazing deep,
You’ll then remember me,
And fall into the loveless Love,
And softly, then, I’ll pull you in
With gentle winds that call you home
When once again you leave.

–Christina Finlayson Taylor
Autumn, 2017

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The World Within (My Home) – a Poem

I wrote this and a few others yesterday – all to be a part of a book in the making.

The World Within (My Home)

This cozy old Victorian,
Three levels, many rooms within,
Is one-stop-shopping for the eye;
There needn’t be a wonder why
We need not travel far and wide,
For all the world is tucked inside:

We hold a piece of history
And feel in hand its mystery,
From skull and bones to colored glass
To cinnabar and antique brass
To books of rarest quality.
We need not travel far, you see,
For art and artifact galore,
Museum, gallery and more…

The Absinthe room, the Red Salon,
Where poetry we muse upon,
The carnal chamber, upper north;
The dream machine for dreaming forth
The ghosts by night (our guests unseen,
The dark, the light, the in-between);
And in this room, the Internet,
The world within a box, and yet…

This cozy home is world enough.
It’s full of color, full of love,
And rife with music, candleglow,
And inward shine—we let it show.
We need not travel far and wide,
For all the world is tucked inside.

–Christina Finlayson Taylor
Autumn 2017

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Palm of the Hand Poems by Robert N. Taylor (a Red Salon Release)

Palm of the Hand Poems, a haiku collection by Robert N. Taylor, was originally released as a saddle-stitched chapbook back in 2011. That quaint little edition contained a total of thirteen poems for each of the four seasons as well as Sumi-e brush paintings representative of each season. The paintings were executed by Taylor’s former wife, K. K. Taylor, whose work features more abundantly in this new 230-page volume which contains fifty poems per season.

As a designer, I’m beyond pleased with the presentation of the full-page images in particular and am looking forward to designing more books with larger images.

Palm of the Hand Poems pretty much “wraps it up” regarding Taylor’s decades of writing poetry. He continues to pen a tercet each day but is satisfied at this point that all of his poems are available in print.

Signed copies are available directly from the author:

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Villanelles & Varia by Christina Finlayson Taylor

Christina - Villanelles & Varia PB CoverVillanelles & Varia is special to me as it’s my first perfect-bound collection of my own poetry. These poems were written during a precious chapter in my life, a time when (as I told some friends recently) I had “too much playtime and a lot of growing up yet to do”! This collection is very personal; it’s ME turned inside-out, and I hope that this introspective poetry will resonate some familiar chords with readers.

I’ve been blessed to have received my first review of Villanelles & Varia at by Frances McColl Stewart, a personal friend, fellow poetess and author of a few collections through Middle Island Press and other sources. I owe a lot to this inspiring lady.

Look inside my book at

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Middle Island Press Progress Note

Hello, Poets;

I have been juggling a few projects between Middle Island Press and editing for My Sweet Robert and musing on The Red Salon. At this moment, I find myself literally “between printers” but we expect to be back in business and fully functional soon.

My thanks to those of you (you know who you are!) who have been most patient and understanding as I manage multiple tasks and work my way around minor bumps and roadblocks.

All is well.


Publisher at Middle Island Press

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