Jason O’Toole

As the vocalist for the legendary New York Hardcore Punk band Life’s Blood, Jason O’Toole became known for his cutting, intelligent lyrics. O’Toole has relocated to the Boston, MA area after years of living in the American South where he worked as a police detective. A descendant of a “witch and paranormal” executed in New England, O’Toole has a calling to investigate the unknowable, recover lost traditions, and his poetry is informed by magick, folklore, and myth.

Red Salon titles by Jason O’Toole:

Soulless Heavens (2019)
ISBN 978-1-7341254-0-5
By Jason O’Toole
Paperback; 140 pages. $15.

(Available at Amazon and through the author.)

In his second collection of lyrical poetry, Jason O’Toole takes his readers on a ride-along through the precincts of Hell. From the Lower East Side of the 1980s to South Side of San Antonio of the 1990s, and later into the underworld of Atlanta, O’Toole tells the stories of the gang members, sex workers, drug dealers and users he met along the way. Equal parts urban grimoire and profane hymnal, Soulless Heavens is ultimately a guidebook to finding redemption in a fallen world.

Spear of Stars (2018)
ISBN 978-1-7325023-2-1
By Jason O’Toole
Paperback; 65 pages. $9.

(Available at Amazon and through the author.)

“Riveting and poignant, this is a searingly personal collection of poems about the infinite black and white moments that make up a life.”

—Miro Snejdr, Herr Lounge Corps & Death in June

“Jason O’Toole has deftly sculpted into form a collection of poems both magical in essence and haunting in effect.”

—Robert N. Taylor, author of Remnants of a Season

“History, myth and the never-ending mystery of creation resonate in every finely crafted line from Spear of Stars. Transit umbra, lux permanent!

—Freddy Alva, author of Urban Styles: Graffiti in New York Hardcore

Jason O’Toole also has poetry featured in two Red Salon anthologies, and his second full-length collection, Soulless Heavens, is due for release this autumn of 2019.


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