Forthcoming books:

Kinkajou Sway by Kallima Zoe Hamilton
Soulless Heavens by Jason O’Toole

2019 Middle Island Press Releases:

A Congregation of Cows: Moo Haiku by Robert Epstein
Cowboy Village by Rodney Nelson
Invictus by Rodney Nelson
Nothing is Empty: A Whole Haiku World by Robert Epstein
Sweetiebetter by Terry Minchow-Proffitt
Talk is Cheap: Collection of Inner Healing Poems by Loni Hoots
Turning the Page to Old: Haiku & Senryu by Robert Epstein

2019 Red Salon Releases:

Thug: Two Tales in Poésie Noire by David Jonathan Jones
We’ve Seen the Same Horizon: Poems of Awakening by thirteen Red Salon poets

Recent Articles & Interviews:

Coffee with Frances McColl Stewart (an interview)
Coffee with Gene McCormick (an interview)
Coffee with Loni Hoots (an interview)
Flashbulb Danger (a review at Goodreads)
Half Done Things (a Poetica~Place book review)
Marital Advice to My Grandson, Joel (a Poetica~Place book review)
Quiet Insurrections (a Poetica~Place book review)
Spotting a “High Trail on the Point” (an article by Rodney Nelson)



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