Happy Autumn. Middle Island Press is now accepting submissions for our first poetry contest beginning September 22, 2017 and ending September 21, 2018. All content for a general audience is acceptable; we seek skill and palpability, the formal or the free.

The winner, to be announced in October 2018, will receive:

Cash prize, $100 minimum, up to $500 (to increase according to the number of entries)
Publication through Middle Island Press with Amazon listing and 100% royalties
Twenty-five copies with a press release
A “Coffee with the Poets” interview


Mail the following in a large envelope:

A title page with the title only, a contents page, and your paginated manuscript of 16-48 pages with no identifying information. (Front and back matter will be requested of the winner when the contest closes.)
Include within a separate sealed envelope: a sheet of paper that contains your pen name, your email address, and the title of your work as it is on your title page.
A $20 reader’s fee (check or money order payable to Robert Taylor)

Middle Island Press
PO Box 354
West Union, WV 26456

* Simultaneous and multiple submissions are acceptable. Previously published poems are acceptable, but your title as a previously published collection is not eligible. We will not return manuscripts and expect that each poet will retain a file of his/her work.


I am Christina. As a poetess, I pen primarily under the ancestral name Christina Finlayson Taylor and have a small collection in print as well as contributions in various anthologies and publications.

As a micro-publisher, Robert and I self-publish through our private imprint, The Red Salon. I also publish others’ poetry through Middle Island Press, Appalachia’s finest and most aspiring publishing company, proudly international with its roots in chapbooks and its reaches ever expanding. To date, I have designed and published over a hundred titles.

Poetica~Place is my literary blog space that encompasses our micro-presses as well as reviews, Coffee with the Poets interviews, etc. Click on the authors’ names to view their titles.

For queries regarding book reviews, interviews, or The Red Salon:

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