If You’re Gonna Be There: A Novella by Loni Hoots
The Signature Haiku Anthology
by Robert Epstein

Recent Middle Island Press Releases:

A Congregation of Cows: Moo Haiku by Robert Epstein
All the Way Home: Aging in Haiku by Robert Epstein
Cowboy Village by Rodney Nelson
Invictus by Rodney Nelson
Kinkajou Sway by Kallima Zoe Hamilton
Little Bird’s First Day (Little Bird Series, Book 3) by Loni Hoots
Nothing is Empty: A Whole Haiku World by Robert Epstein
Poor Robert’s Almanac by Robert Epstein
Sweetiebetter by Terry Minchow-Proffitt
Talk is Cheap: Collection of Inner Healing Poems by Loni Hoots
Turning the Page to Old: Haiku & Senryu by Robert Epstein

Recent Red Salon Releases:

Soulless Heavens by Jason O’Toole
Thug: Two Tales in Poésie Noire by David Jonathan Jones
We’ve Seen the Same Horizon: Poems of Awakening by thirteen Red Salon poets

Recent Articles & Interviews:

Coffee with Frances McColl Stewart (an interview)
Coffee with Gene McCormick (an interview)
Coffee with Loni Hoots (an interview)
Flashbulb Danger (a review at Goodreads)
Half Done Things (a Poetica~Place book review)
Marital Advice to My Grandson, Joel (a Poetica~Place book review)
Quiet Insurrections (a Poetica~Place book review)
Spotting a “High Trail on the Point” (an article by Rodney Nelson)


Notes (updated November 2019):

Please order all saddle-stitched chapbooks directly from Christina:

Contact me and I will respond with a PayPal invoice.
Please do not order our hand-made chapbooks through Amazon as we cannot fulfill those orders! Thank you.
We have lost track of some of our author-clients over the years.
Stop in and say hello at the above email address.


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