The Red Salon

The Red Salon, Taylor Hill, 2019


Named after the location of the poetry/literature genres within our home’s library, The Red Salon is our private publishing imprint for our personal friends and ourselves, with over twenty titles – saddle-stitched chapbooks and perfect-bound paperbacks – and with hand-stitched special editions to come.


Under our Red Salon imprint, we have published work by the following:

Amelia Beechwood  ***  Albie A. Gogel  ***  Juleigh Howard-Hobson
David Jonathan Jones  ***  Siegfried Manteuffel  ***  Jason O’Toole
Stuart Sudekum  ***  Lennart Svensson  ***  Christina Finlayson Taylor
Robert N. Taylor  ***  Nicholas Tesluk  ***  Wolfgang Weiss
Eirik Westcoat  ***  Matthew Wildermuth  ***  Troy Wisehart
David Yorkshire


All perfect-bound Red Salon titles are available at Amazon,
and our chapbooks can be obtained directly from us:


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