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Medical professional, writer, and activist LONI HOOTS is the author of the novella Petals and Nails, The Little Bird Series, and five poetry collections including the latest Talk is Cheap. She has created some of the most unique stories and poems by combining mental health awareness, magic realism, romance, hope, and self-journey. You can check out her other books and visit her online at



If You’re Gonna Be There (2020)
ISBN 978-1-7341254-6-7
By Loni Hoots
Paperback; 105 pages. $12.

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MIRELLA DROUET is an unhappy twenty-something year old living in France where she fights whether to stay in toxic relationships that she knows are horrible for her. Once she finally breaks off one of her most toxic relationships yet, she decides to make one of the biggest and most dramatic changes in her life: leaving her home country and moving to Canada. When she arrives in the unknown country, she finds herself in a whirlwind of emotions, finding out what she really wants in life and finding out where she was always meant to be.

Little Bird’s First Day (2019)
ISBN 978-1-7341254-4-3
By Loni Hoots
Paperback; 31 pages. $15.

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Summer is over and the leaves are beginning to fall, and now it’s time for Little Bird to go to school for the first time. Come along with him and Anne Marie as they navigate through the first day of learning the alphabet, numbers, and taking on new adventures.

Talk is Cheap (2019)
ISBN 978-1-7335979-7-5
By Loni Hoots
Paperback; 124 pages. $12.

(Available at Amazon.)

The power of an emotional, mental, or physical breakdown is one of the hardest things to ever describe to another soul. But what about the healing that comes after it? Each person dives back into the dark pits once more to grasp onto the much needed magic that heals their mind, soul, and physical being. And that is what Talk is Cheap all about: finding healing inside oneself through all the chaos that life and the mind hold.

Little Bird Meets Anne Marie (2018)
ISBN 978-1-7325023-8-3
By Loni Hoots
Paperback; 31 pages. $15.

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On a bright and sunny day, Little Bird decides to fly out of the nest and go play. As he flaps his wings and circles around the park, he decides to land on a branch not knowing whose home it is. To his surprise, he meets a squirrel. This sparks a friendship and many adventures to occur. Follow along with Little Bird as the adventure continues, and meet the new friends he encounters. Illustrated by Melissa Rohr; cover design by the author.

Petals and Nails: A Novella (2018)
ISBN 978-1-7325023-1-4
By Loni Hoots
Paperback; 155 pages. $12.

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Iceland has always been known for its unique history and insanely beautiful landscapes; however, for Ingrid it has become a battlefield where she constantly fights herself. On the outside she seems relatively calm to the world, portraying a regular sane person; but in her mind she is slowly breaking down from years of silent torment, loss of loved ones, and the inability to heal herself. With the help of magic realism woven between love and mental health, Ingrid starts to find herself, and finally begin to heal – something that she has been aching for for so long.

Little Bird, Little Bird (2018)
Little Bird Series, Book 1
ISBN 978-0-9994939-6-0
By Loni Hoots
Paperback; 32 pages. $15.

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Little Bird, Little Bird is a children’s book with full color illustrations by Melissa Rohr. Follow along with Little Bird as you get settled in for the night. This sweet little poem will keep the imagination burning bright. Grab some hot cocoa or tea, open the book and enjoy this cute quirky journey.

Hearts of Glass: Poems of the Fragile Heart (2017)
ISBN 978-0-9994939-1-5
By Loni Hoots
Paperback; 119 pages. $9.

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The heart is indeed a fragile organ, constantly going through heartaches and being caught by numerous love spells and potions. And to many, they do not realize how fragile the heart is, that is until they witness the shattering affect that occurs when someone walks out of their life, or the glue that places the pieces back together when a new love comes into their lives. This collection of poems dives into the world of the fragile glass-like heart, showcasing the passionate memories, somber moments, and devastating blows the heart receives throughout the course of life.

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“Fresh Cup of Tea”

The steam rises from the kettle
As the phone on the counter stays silent,
Creating an uncomfortable scene,
With me standing in the middle of it all.

Another morning where I relive each memory,
The good ones along with the bitter ones,
Toasting the new sun with a fresh cup of tea each morning,
Letting the universe take hold of our destinies.

As the tea leaves mingle with the water,
It is here I know that this small trial is meant to make us stronger,
Not weaker.
So, all you and I can do is hold on a little longer,
Drink our tea,
And watch the sun rise again the next morning
While we are in different countries.

Songs of the Mist (2016)
ISBN 978-0-9980732-3-1
By Loni Hoots

(Available at Amazon.)

Dive into the mist that surrounds the mountains, forests, and oceans; listen to the stories that mist has accumulated over the years. Listen to the stories of lost cities, of the ship that sails the seven seas to this very day, and of the blue cottage over on Juniper street. As your eyes and your mind are filled with the scenery, the mist will whisper the words in your ear from each poem. Paperback; 105 pages. $9.

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“Beautiful Flower”

The depth of the eyes is never ending,
For they are the portals into one’s soul.
The smile one gives is so inviting,
Inviting the bees to come and find the sweet honey.
Such a beautiful flower
In the form of a person:
The skin is delicate,
Just as the petals are on the flower,
The lips injected with the sweet nectar of honey,
And the eyes draw you in,
Making you fall head over heels.

Beyond the Pillars (2015)
ISBN 978-0-6924-6730-5
By Loni Hoots

(Available at Amazon.)

Go through the pillars and into the time portal to travel back in time. Travel back to Cleopatra’s reign, to the mysterious island that disappeared in the 1800’s, to the ancient Druids, among other places throughout time. The vivid imagery that bounces from the words off the page and into your mind will take you on a journey that you can enjoy in the morning or at night. Paperback; 77 pages.

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“The Mysterious City”

The hunt of the bull,
The temple that lives on top of the hill:
All of these things have been instilled in our minds.

Ahead of its time,
In both plumbing and schooling.
It’s hard to believe that this great city is now lost in the sea.

Carthage, Crete, Atlantis.
No one knows the real name of this ancient place
Nor knows what happened.
Ruins and theories,
Evidence and manhunts.
Those connected to the ancient city will never let up.
What was once our home,
Now lies on the ocean floor.
The city
And the palace will forever be lost.
But never forgotten.

The Nymph of the Unknown Forest (2015)
ISBN 978-0-6924-6730-5
By Loni Hoots

(Available at Amazon.)

In The Nymph of the Unknown Forest, the deep waters of the subconscious surface softly in this fantasy-full collection of narrative poems rich with the romance of youthful imagination, ethereal as whispers in wind and waves, yet clear and multi-sensory as a lucid dream that returns night after night. 49 pages.

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“Keeping the Meadows Alive”

The beautiful meadows are filled with red roses.
The softness of the grass under her feet tickled her lightly.
Softly taking steps,
She didn’t want to ruin the landscape.
She wanted to preserve the flowers.
Let them fully bloom.
Once they had fully bloomed,
She would then pick them.
Carry them off to her villa.
For now, these roses will stay.
Stay to keep the meadows alive.

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