Eirik Westcoat

EIRIK WESTCOAT is a long-time Asatruar who has presented his award-winning poetry at several regional Asatru gatherings in the American Northeast. He writes mainly in Old Norse and Old English poetic meters. He has published two books: Viking Poetry for Heathen Rites (2017), a book of Asatru religious poetry, and Eagle’s Mead (2019), a book of esoteric initiatory poetry and prose. He is a Master in the Rune-Gild, and that latter book presents a rare poetic look at the process of runic initiation. He also has written articles on the Old Norse galdralag poetic meter, the authority of Old Norse skalds, and the meaning of the valknut.

Eirik has several poems within the 2019 Red Salon anthology, We’ve Seen the Same Horizon: Poems of Awakening, available at Amazon.


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