Christina Taylor

Layout and design are the substantial tasks of my vocation, but I’ve also penned some poetry over the years.
Here under our Red Salon imprint I’ve published my perfect-bound edition of Villanelles & Varia, which was previously gifted as a saddle-stitched chapbook (no longer available).

Villanelles & Varia (2016)
Revised and Expanded Edition
ISBN 978-0692652626
By Christina Finlayson Taylor
Paperback; 111 pages. $13.

(Available at Amazon and the CreateSpace eStore,
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The poems in Villanelles & Varia—ultimately feminine, subjective, and introspective—are a small time-capsule of the bountiful summer of my life. The breadth of subjects (from the foreword) “…extends from my heart and soul outward to the white picket fence that encloses my Paradise Within. This small perimeter, save for distant loved ones, is my entire multiverse. It is space without limitation; objects and situations turned inside-out. I am full-filled in the little things.” This collection is but one chapter of more unfolding.

(A browse upon page 37…)

“A Sultry Summer Day”

A warm embrace of maple hills;
A sultry summer day.
My straw hat shades my eyes and says,
“I relish being me.”
Aggressive hummers deftly dive;
The passive watcher stays
As wind chimes herald, “Hail the breeze!”
I sip my cold sweet tea.

A showy over-shoulder view
Presenting ten feet high:
The corn in stately splendor pays
Its homage to the sun.
Around the stalks the glories climb
In oneness with the sky,
And all is rife with joy of life!
Its reaping, just begun.

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